Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Academic Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment

A conflict of interest, or a potential conflict of interest, exists when a member of Rockcliffe, or its representatives, is or may be in a position to use research, knowledge, authority or influence for personal or family gain or to benefit others to the detriment of the institution.

Rockcliffe acknowledges a commitment, as part of its overall mandate, to transfer knowledge, discoveries, and technology to society for its benefit. Interaction of members of Rockcliffe with external entities is desirable and encouraged when the activity is beneficial to the professional standing of the individual, the reputation of Rockcliffe or provides a community or professional service.

Whatever the nature of the external activities or relationships, Rockcliffe expects each of its members – faculty, staff, learner or officer – to act in a manner consistent with a high standard of integrity and ethical behavior.

Accordingly, Rockcliffe University Consortium obligates its faculty, staff, officer, or representative acting on its behalf to avoid ethical, legal, financial or other conflicts of interest which may impede or compromise their Rockcliffe responsibilities and mission.

This policy is meant to protect both the individual and the institution. Its fundamental tenet is that members should, of their own volition, take the initiative in disclosing conflicts or potential conflict of interest situations.

The mere existence of a conflict or a potential conflict does not necessarily imply that the activity concerned should cease. Indeed, conflicts may cover a broad spectrum from those that are minor and easily controlled to those whose consequences could be very serious. There are situations sufficiently complex that judgments may differ as to whether a conflict exists.

Accordingly, any member of the Rockcliffe community with a conflict or potential conflict should seek the counsel of Rockcliffe’s administration and disclose the details to that individual.

Learner Obligations

As a learner in this course, you are not required to subscribe to any 3rd party websites, purchase any books or journals, or provide your personal information to any of the websites that may be referenced as part of this course, unless other specified in the course syllabus.

Disclosure of Potential Conflicts

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Any exception to this policy will be noted as part of the course materials available to learners once they have been assigned to a course.