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Date Course Starts:  June 13, 2016
Date Course Ends:  July 22, 2016
Length:  Approximately 17 hours to complete
Meeting Dates and Times:  N/A (Course is self paced)
Tool Used for Meetings:  N/A

Cost: Free to Rockcliffe Members

Rockcliffe Membership Requirements: Currently in Alpha Testing.

Instructor: Linda M. Farley

Course Description
The goal of this course is to improve and build your skill and ability to facilitate learning activities and events. During the course we will cover the following topics, which are the foundation of facilitating learning activities and events:

  1. Unit 1 – Introduction
  2. Unit 2 – Choosing Learning Activities
  3. Unit 3 – Setting up Learning Activities
  4. Unit 4 – Guiding Learning Activities
  5. Unit 5 – Debriefing Learning Activities
  6. Unit 6 – Evaluating Learning Activity Results
  7. Unit 7 – Honoring Learners

This course is self-paced and includes activities to be submitted to the instructor after each Unit. A final demonstration of skills will be submitted via video recording to the instructor at the end of the course.

Course Objectives
By the end of this course, the participant/learner will be able to:

  1. Choose a learning activity for a specific purpose and effectively explain why the activity was chosen and what learning will occur from the activity.
  2. Illustrate how to introduce learning activities effectively, with a proficient skill rating
  3. Select methods which can be used to monitor and guide participants during learning activities, with 75% effectiveness.
  4. Identify three ways to debrief a learning activity.
  5. Develop three effective methods to evaluate the learning gained from the activity.
  6. Describe how they would honor learners with 75% accuracy.
  7. Demonstrate facilitation skills learned from the course in an actual learning event with a satisfactory rating of 75% of evaluation checklist criteria.

Targeted Learners
This course can be beneficial for:

  • Public and private school teachers
  • University instructors and professors
  • Corporate trainers and instructors
  • Non-profit trainers and instructors
  • Government trainers and instructors
  • Subject matter experts who have to present information
  • Public speakers/presenters
  • Any person who desires to build skills to improve learning for individuals or groups

Required Skills
This course is designed for learners who have basic, satisfactory presentation skills to use as a foundation for learning facilitation. You should already have developed skills in using your voice, body language and positive energy during presentations or leading learning events. You should also know how appearance impacts learning and have developed appropriate appearance for presentations.
Because these skills impact the learning environment and the ability to exhibit strong facilitation skills, you should complete addition study and skill building in addition to this course if you are not prepared in these areas. These will be a part of your final evaluation.

Course Credit
Upon satisfactory completion of this course, 17 hours of professional development and a course completion certificate will be issued to the participant.

Attendance Requirements
All units, activities, projects must be complete and submitted to the instructor by July 22, 2016.

Successful Completion

At the end of each Unit, you will be asked to demonstrate the skill learned in the Unit as an assessment of your learning.  Each Unit assessment will build upon the previous assessment to move you forward to the final course evaluation.  You will receive feedback from the instructor concerning the quality of your assessment.

At the end of the course you will required to demonstrate your facilitation skills via a video recorded session that you will submit online.  This demonstration is your final course evaluation.  You will be graded using the “Facilitator Skill Checklist” that is provided in the course.  A passing grade for the course will be a “proficient” rating on this final assessment.

Materials and Course Technology
This course does not require additional books or resources, except those built into the course.

Technical Requirements
Because this professional development course is online, some important statements about the tools and technology utilized are listed below. They fall under two categories: system requirements and technical proficiency requirements.

System Requirements: In order to ensure that the online tools utilized in this course are compatible with your computer, please review the system requirements below. These are the conditions under which the technology of the course operates best. Please make note of the following: Moodle System Requirements Recommended minimum browser: recent Google Chrome, recent Mozilla Firefox, Safari 6, Internet Explorer 9 (IE 10 required for drag and drop of files from outside the browser into Moodle) Updated media player for video lectures

Technical Proficiency Requirements: In order to ensure that your own technical proficiency is sufficient to complete this online course, the following are considered basic skills necessary to be successful. It should be noted that this course does not require any major technical skill, other than what is typical online navigation and document creation. These skills may include, but are not limited to:

  • Identify Submit buttons and instructions.
  • Download files and save them onto pin drives or local computer drives.
  • Understand menu systems in various applications, such as file, edit, etc.
  • Know how to follow download instructions for applications.
  • Use a standard computer keyboard.
  • Navigate login systems to enter usernames and passwords.

This course, materials and tools complies with section 508 accessibility standards and/or universal design principles.

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Course Information

  • Course Location: Rockcliffe Moodle eCampus
  • Course Delivery: Online

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