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Date Course Starts:  July 21, 2016
Date Course Ends:  August 25, 2016
Length:  Five Weeks
Meeting Dates and Times:  Thursdays, 5:30 PM Pacific, 8:30 PM Eastern
Tool Used for Meetings:  Google Chrome, Sococo, Minecraft

Cost: $56

Instructor: AgileBill Krebs

Course Description
This course helps your projects succeed by using techniques from the Scrum agile method to understand your customer’s needs.

Course Objectives
By the end of this course, the participant/learner will be able to:

  1. Create four stakeholder categories and personae to gain insight into new requirements
  2. Elicit and document testable requirements through user stories and acceptance tests

Targeted Learners
This course can be beneficial for:
Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Testers, Developers, Knowledge workers
Required Skills

Course Credit
7 class B PDUs, 7 contact hours, and 7 class F SEUs for this course (1 unit per hour of training). You can earn more in follow on classes.

Attendance Requirements
Attend three 90 minute sessions and read related articles or videos to earn ICAgile credits in the areas of requirements and quality. If you miss a live session you may watch some bonus videos or create an extra 6 slide deck or other artifact.

Successful Completion
To earn the ICP certification you will

    • Log 14 hours of live online participation, reading, writing, or viewing videos.
    • Specific topics will be listed in the course modules. If you complete less you will benefit from the learning, but not earn ICP certification.
    • Fill in the 8 slide deck template reflecting on your learning
    • Complete a short course survey for research purposes
    • Pay the $90 certification fee (via PayPal).

Materials and Course Technology
Equipment: Earbuds or USB headset recommended. Reliable internet connection with a download speed of 3 mbs or better.
Book: Your choice of
Essential Scrum by Kenneth Rubin

  • PMI-ACP Exam Prep by Mike Griffiths
  • Agie Requirements by by Dean Leffingwell
  • XP and Scrum from the Trenches by Henrik Kniberg
  • Your choice as approved by your instructor

Google Chrome to access Sococo (Free for attending this class)
– via URL http://app.sococo.com
Slack (Free) – via URL (Bill to check and add DASG16 slack URL)
Minecraft (optional = $27). The server login URL will be provided before the lab.
When you register in the course website (Conquestor) you will be added to the appropriate spaces using the e-mail you provide during registration.

Technical Requirements
A Windows 7 or higher or Mac OS X or higher computer with 4 GB or Ram or better and an i5 processor. Improved graphics cards is a plus. Internet connection should be 3mbs down or better as tested by Speedtest.net because this class is overed using voice over Internet.
Mobile devices may help view some course material, but will not be sufficient to participate in the online labs and discussions.

System Requirements: In order to ensure that the online tools utilized in this course are compatible with your computer, please review the system requirements below. These are the conditions under which the technology of the course operates best. Please make note of the following: Moodle System Requirements Recommended minimum browser: recent Google Chrome, recent Mozilla Firefox, Safari 6, Internet Explorer 9 (IE 10 required for drag and drop of files from outside the browser into Moodle) Updated media player for video lectures

Required Skills: Skills required for this course includes the use of web based software, and using voice over IP on your computer. Optional labs in Minecraft will require ability to walk using your mouse and keyboard. An orientation will be provided.

Key points will be added in chat, and some notes will be provided with the videos, but much of the content of this course requires hearing and vision. Materials are color blind friendly. Physical mobility is not required. Manual Dexterity is needed for the optional labs. Mobile users may connect via a laptop given sufficient internet.

Registration is Closed


Course Information

  • Course Location: Rockcliffe Moodle eCampus
  • Course Delivery: Online

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